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Coffee Time With @greencoffeebeanbus

Updated: May 21


Introduce Yourself

Hello friends! I’ve been living the alternative lifestyle for 3.5 years now. It started in Australia in a Toyota Hiace, then the bus I currently live in! I travel 300 days a year for my work & 65 days for pleasure! :) It truly is a blessing to be able to freely roam & still sleep in my bed every night! I enjoy taking pictures, surfing, building things, etc. in my free time! Come say hey to me on my IG (linked above)! Hope to see you all sometime soon…much love & happy trails!

Tell us about your favorite beverage and why?

Favorite beverage is coffee. I love the smell of it in the morning, & it's also a lovely social drink.

What is your current living situation and how did you decide to take up that lifestyle?

Currently living in my bus that I converted 2.5 years ago! It started when I moved to Australia for a year & converted a Toyota van to travel there with!

Can you tell us a little bit about your home?

My bus is a 2003 Ford E450 25 passenger. 16’ of living space. I built it with an industrial rustic vibe.

Many people want to live an ‘off-grid’ lifestyle and find ways to become more sustainable. Can you tell us about how you power your home?

Yes! Everything I use on the daily runs on the sun (solar)! I do have a Honda generator if I want to make an espresso or run my A/C off-grid.

What is the one thing that you regret about your home and how would you do it differently now?

One thing I regret is not insulating better! The cold & heat seeps in so fast!!

How do you support yourself financially on the road?

I’m a Project Manager for an industrial company. So I live on the road working most of the year…the bus works great for this lifestyle.

Living a mobile lifestyle, how do you deal with water, food, laundry, internet, mail, etc.?

Hmm..great question! On the road, I fill up my water at gas stations mostly. You can find heaps with a faucet. I cook 50% of the time, eat out the other. Laundrymat or friends/mom’s house for the laundry. I use my mom's address for any mail that I need. Internet, I use my phone mainly.

Can you take us through a typical ‘Day in the life”?

Typically, I’ll make a coffee & avocado toast in the morning, go to work, or go on an adventure. Evenings will consist of reading a book or watching Netflix haha

While we are all drinking some coffee reading this post, can you tell us a story or event that happened to you while living your current lifestyle?

Many stories! haha Several times, I’ve had people try & steal things off my deck, while I’m inside the bus! (always fun to stop them)

What is your favorite spot that you have traveled to and can't stop thinking about, why?

Internationally, Australia! It's such a laid back place & I love to surf. Such a beautiful place. In the USA, Oregon! Loved the beautiful national forests & hipster vibe!

If someone was considering changing their lifestyle and living more like you, what would be your best advice to take the first step?

This is something you just have to go for if you want it! The money saved & freedom that comes with it makes it worth it!

Getting rid of things and going tiny can be a really difficult thing for people looking to live tiny. How did you successfully pare down your stuff and do you have any suggestions for someone struggling to go tiny?

Things accumulate so fast! Much more freedom, though, when you have less things to worry about! We really don’t need heaps of ‘things’. Have a yard sale or make a couple trips to the landfill :)

A lot of people might be concerned about their own personal safety living a mobile lifestyle. What are some of your best safety tips for someone living on the road?

I’ve found it to be mostly safe! I do carry a pistol under the bed just in case, but hopefully, I won’t ever need to use it!

Finding places to park can be a hassle when traveling full-time. Can you share some of your favorite locations, go-to spots, or methods for finding parking?

I travel mainly for work, so I stay at 24hr spots mostly! Walmart, 24hr gym, etc.

If you were driving from the east coast to the west coast what would you be listening to for the drive?

I would be blasting deep house/downtempo through my 10” sub! haha

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