Nowhere Tour Submission Form

I am voluntarily submitting to Navigation Nowhere LLC, the above referred to Nowhere Tour Submission and materials with the following understanding:

Navigation Nowhere will not sell or distribute information submitted in the Nowhere Tour Submission form to third parties.

I understand that Navigation Nowhere is engaged in the production and aggregating content for exhibition, digital media, marketing, website development to be received by the audience in whole or in part by means of written media, social media, and in all forms of interactive, online, digital media products, now known or hereafter devised under the Navigation Nowhere LLC network. Navigation Nowhere develops original materials and literary properties, ideas, stories and suggestions for exhibition, distribution and marketing in all such media. As a result, Navigation Nowhere has developed or has had submitted to it many Nowhere Tour Submissions, materials, concepts, treatments, ideas or submissions relating to Nowhere Tours. It is possible that such submissions may be similar to the Materials submitted by me to Navigation Nowhere and I hereby waive any and all claims and/or rights of action against Navigation Nowhere for such use of similar materials. 

I accordingly acknowledge that the materials submitted by me to Navigation Nowhere may be identical with, similar to, or competitive with materials that Navigation Nowhere has developed or that may be provided to Navigation Nowhere from other sources. I acknowledge that Navigation Nowhere may represent others with respect to identical, similar, or competitive materials. I acknowledge that identical or similar submitted materials may give rise to a dispute. Navigation Nowhere has informed me that it will not examine or consider my Materials unless it obtains complete protection against the possibility of any claims with respect thereto. As a result, I acknowledge and understand that Navigation Nowhere will not receive or review Nowhere Tour Submissions, tour photos or submitted documents to it by persons not in their employ without first obtaining the consent of such persons submitting same to the provisions of this Agreement. 


I hereby acknowledge and agree as follows: 

1. That Nowhere Nowhere’s use of Nowhere Tour Submissions containing elements similar to or identical with those contained in my Materials shall neither obligate Navigation Nowhere to negotiate with me or entitle me to any compensation, if Navigation Nowhere has a legal right to use such Nowhere Tour Submissions because;


(a) other persons including Navigation Nowhere employees have submitted or prepared or may submit similar or identical Nowhere Tour Submissions or Materials; or


(b) my Materials are not novel or original. 


2. That any part of the submitted Materials which are not novel or original and not legally protected may be used by Navigation Nowhere without any liability to me and I herein waive any and all claims and/or rights of action against Navigation Nowhere arising from such use. 

3. That I rely on my rights under the copyright laws of United States and that Navigation Nowhere has no obligations to me (other than those obligations required by copyright law), unless and until a formal written agreement is entered into, at which time such obligations shall only be those expressed in such formal written agreement. 


4. That I represent and warrant to Navigation Nowhere that the Materials are original, that no other persons have any rights in the Materials, that I am the sole owner and author of the Materials, that my use or Navigation Nowhere’s use of the Materials does not contravene the rights of any person and that I have the full right and authority to submit these Materials to Navigation Nowhere. 


5. That I have retained a duplicate copy of the Materials submitted to Navigtion Nowhere and release Navigation Nowhere from liability or obligation to me for loss, damage or destruction of the Materials. I understand, acknowledge and agree that Navigation Nowhere is under no obligation to retain or return any Materials submitted. 


6. That further correspondence will follow from Navigation Nowhere only if there is interest in considering the Materials for development. Navigation Nowhere shall not be under any obligation to me with respect to the submitted Materials except as may later be set forth in a duly executed written agreement. 


7. Navigation Nowhere as referred to herein shall be deemed to include all parent, affiliated, subsidiary and related companies of Navigation Nowhere together with its directors, officers, employees, agents and contractors. 

Navigtion Nowhere LLC, 2020

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